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At the Ashburn Autoduel Arena we play in matchbox scale. It makes for a much better feel than counters, and it allows the opportunity to kitbash matchbox cars. Bashing a car for duelling is fairly simple. The only thing you really have to do is find a way to immobililze one or more wheels. Having a car roll when someone bumps the table is not good, in a game where position matters. I usually superglue a small piece of folded up paper between the wheel and the wheelwell, so it doesn't stick out anywhere.

The fun part is the weapons, of course. Cars with guns! Find guns, missles, etc from any other toy in about the right scale, trim it carefully, and superglue it onto your car.

This car has had the windshield removed, and the gun is from a Warhammer 40K orc. WH40K is a great source for weapons, if you have any bits laying around, or friends who play the game. In this case, the orcs arm and the pistol grip have been removed to make a good fit. This car would be good for a subcompact with a single smallbore mounted forward.

The #66 car has a lot of junk added. The gun is from the Imperial Army in WH40k. The shells on the front are Space Marine gear. The ram plate is from a terrain kit. Railroad stuff would be good for ramplates too, but anything that has steel beams and rivit should do the trick. The turrent is from a smaller scale tank.

This could be a luxury with a turrent and a forward mounted gun, with the classic ramplate MFR combo.

This one is simple. The gun is another one from the set that contained the tank turrent on #66. Careful trimming with an Xacto knife got the gun with that rectangular plate free. Add superglue and that's that. This would be a sedan or maybe compact with a single turrented weapon. This would have been good for the car I won with in our last duel. Sedan with a turrented twin laser, although this gun doesn't look terribly twinnish.

This one is different. It needs some paint on the gun. The gun is the handle from a lance, supported by a bit of steel beam from that landscaping kit. This one was made to represent the car Ryvex has driven in two duels so far. It is a compact(I think?) with an anti-tank gun. HD shocks negate the manuvering hazard from firing that beast of a gun. You can see tape holding the tires immobile. This car wasn't stoppered when it was built, and it started to roll around at game time. It will be fixed before the next fight.

Simple mod. Two orc guns with the hands and handles cut off, mounted upside down on the hood. This one does a good job representing any car with two forward mounted guns. It looks pretty bad-axe on the table.

In a perfect world, every car in every duel would be represented by a model with an exact match for the weapons it has in the game, but that is not always possible, so best fit is what you get. I don't have good models for gas dischargers, streamers, spike droppers, etc. We haven't been using droppers much yet, but I'll work those out.

I also have some plans for adding armored wheel hubs and guards. Hubs will be easier than guards.

I will write up some notes about playing at this scale, but it really is simple. Scale every measurement up by 3 and there you are. Remember to get plenty of space.
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